Some sites which may be of some interest to you if get tired of us for some reason.  Though I don't see that happening.

Quite honestly, without the guys from Decode, there would be no FCU.  We see the cinema flicks on their dime since they grant us the press credentials.  Our reviews can also be read at their site along with all kind of great pop culture stuff including Anime, Cars, Music, Television... You name it they got you covered.  Keep an eye these guys!  For real.

Battleship Pretension

These two cats movie loving cats over here use this wacky new technology called 'podcasts', which is apparently something that allows people to listen to folks talk over the internet. That's just Crazy man!  Fortunately for society this potentially lethal tech is in good hands as these dudes are funny, informative and have a website filled with tons of content and great information.  Check 'em out.

Black Horror Movies

We at the FCU have a real fondness for Black People and the funny and creative ways that filmmakers find to kill them in movies.  This cat here is exhaustive and hilarious in his mission to chronicle African Americans and their long and glorious history in the horror genre.  Plus he's the only other person I know who has seen 'Black Devil Doll'.

The Video Vixen

A woman after my own heart.  Trista attacks exploitation classics and the like that even we are afraid to touch.  Still... my life won't be complete until I get my own copy of Mandinga!

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